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Welcome To Truck Driver Devotions

Christianity For The Working Man.

This site is one man's journey through the real world while trying to grow as a Christian.  It is as much about keeping me accountable as it about sharing with you.

My aim is to keep it real.  I have spent most of my working career driving trucks and heavy machinery and working around men who do the same.  Many of these characters are rough around the edges (although most have a heart of gold) so I have seen and heard it all. This is also a part of who I am.

Please - If you are easily offended leave now, this site is not for you.

While my aim is not to offend, I have no intention of feminising this site either.

Our modern Western churches and church culture have become geared toward the women folk.  The blame for this lies as much with the men as it does with the women, but this is one mans attempt to journal a real man's experience.

That is why my motto is:

Christianity - Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Any man that wishes to accept the challenge and join me on this journey is welcome to follow along.  I do not know where the journey will take us, but I can promise you that it will be challenging and I hope encouraging.

What You Will Find On This Site:

Blog - I hope to contribute a blog post each day (as time and work allow). This may not always be long but it will be honest.

Articles  - These will be a more in-depth look at different topics.  They may also include sermons preached from a layman's perspective as I am called upon to preach occasionally.

Resources - These will be books that I am reading, Web Sites that I have found valuable, and any other items that have helped me and I think may help you.

Contact Us - I want to be as available as possible for you to contact me.  Depending on how popular this resource becomes I may not always be able to be as available as I would like.  But please do feel free to contact me.  One disclaimer that I will make is that I have no interest in prolonged and pointless debates about theological issues that either cannot be resolved or that are frequently debated on the many religious forums.

News - The breaking news from around the world relating to Christians and Christian persecution. 

Without further ado ... lets get them big wheels rolling.